Transform your mind, open your heart, and help the world by uncovering and celebrating the authentic you!Wild dance parties, vegan cake, and meaningful spirituality. Stop trying to put yourself into...


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Transform your mind, open your heart, and help the world by uncovering and celebrating the authentic you!

Wild dance parties, vegan cake, and meaningful spirituality. Stop trying to put yourself into a box of what spirituality "œshould" look like"•because, honey, being yourself is spiritual.

Spiritually Sassy is a guide for a generation that celebrates diversity, authenticity, and freedom both in life and on the spiritual path.

Queer, brown, flamboyant, immigrant spiritual seeker Sah D"™Simone is a voice for anyone who wants to grow in creative ways. To be of service and make an impact on the world. To embrace their fierce, funny, and fabulous selves"•even the parts they might feel ashamed of or feel aren"™t "œspiritual" enough.

Sah distills the art of living well in our modern world into eight radical yet totally attainable steps. By incorporating scientifically backed principles of modern psychology with time-tested Buddhist techniques"•and a heavy dose of sassy sauce"•Sah will help you unblock your heart, befriend your mind, and live your truth out loud. In other words, he"™ll help you find your sass.

You"™ll learn to:
? Clear out old ways of thinking to make room for a new story that reflects your fabulous heart"•and quiets your inner critic
? Overcome imposter syndrome and know you are worthy of love, abundance, and joy
? Get out of your own way in a big way
? Uncover your true self to become spiritual"•and sassy
? Get real about your dreams and goals, and learn powerful manifestation practices
? Embrace your superpowers"•the gifts and talents that help you live your purpose
? Look beyond yourself to your community, your tribe, and how you give back
? Plus"•tons of practices for meditation, breathwork, mantra, movement, journaling, working with your mind, and more

Spiritually Sassy isn"™t a quick fix, spiritual bypassing, or entitlement. It"™s a life-embracing path to awakening in modern times. Dive in to uncover your most radically authentic and spiritual self"•and get sassy.


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