Rose Healing with Margaret


$50.00 – $198.00 per person


About this experience

We will start with a 10 minute grounding and meditation session then a 10 minute intentional session preparing you for the ceremony. We will conduct a short ritual with the Roses to begin invoking their energetic qualities and guide you in connecting with them. The ceremony is a 45 minute rose healing ceremony. You are fully clothed, laying down on a massage table. We will intuitively lay the roses, one by one, on your body, wherever they guide us to place them.

Roses carry one of the purest and highest vibrations known in nature’s plant kingdom. It vibrates at 320Mhz. The human body vibrates at a frequency somewhere between 62-78 Mhz. Roses have an innate wisdom and know exactly where healing is most needed, with sacred geometry ratio of 1.62803, which is the same number that a heart experiencing love resonates at. Rose medicine is a heart opener and rooted in the Divine Feminine.

Rose healing is an ancient shamanic ritual from Mexico and a powerful healing tool for negative thoughts, spiritual blocks and for boosting resilience. The rose healing can bring up memories from the past that are now ready to be transmuted and released into Love. Roses work similarly to Reiki, where their gentle vibration heals through nurture and support. Every Rose color possesses a unique frequency – your subconscious will know exactly which one you need for healing. The connection made with roses will give the instructor the ability to read their cues and place them strategically over the parts of your body where energy is blocked. Once all the roses are laid out on the body, you will guided through a short meditation then the energy healing will be amplified as the Roses absorbs your energy blocks.

At the end of the ceremony, the Roses are removed and gathered for you to take home, to continue your connection with them. We close the ceremony and reflect and record any thoughts, images, messages that you may have received. We will give you instructions on how to respectfully discard them once the Roses have served you.

After the session, we will give you a mini tarot/oracle card reading to guide you on your travels and your Hawaii journey. We will then take you on a tour to another building across the street to get some refreshments and herbal libations.

What are the benefits in a Rose healing ceremony? Supports and heals the heart from emotional pain and trauma. Reconnects and balances your emotional and subtle body. Supports the healing of old wounds. Supports romance and re-connection with your partner. Supports and balances the Heart & Sacral chakra. Auric cleansing. Connects and heals energy blocks around self-love, receptivity, creativity, empathy, compassion, nurturance, and sensitivity. Deepen your awareness and connection to your sacred feminine essence and invites softness into your life. Womb clearing and healing. Cellular and vibrational healing and attunement. 

Your physical and emotional heart energy is quite powerful and can effect positive change in your immediate environment, relationships, and ripple out into the world.

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