Psychic Medium Reading with Ling


$80.00 – $140.00 per person


About this experience

Hi I’m Ling Shinoda. Here’s a little about my journey that I’d like to share with you.

From a very young age, I've always felt the presence of Spirit guiding, protecting me and never felt alone. I found this to be very reassuring.

I believe the Universe/God/the Divine will always provide, so long I put forth my absolute best in all I do from the heart, always being thankful and grateful for what I have regardless of how much or little, while remaining humble.  To trust, apply, and have faith in my intuitive ability in guiding me through life. Remaining positive in all situations, knowing that failure is not a negative but a positive if I seek and find the life lesson to be learned from it. There's a purpose for everything.

Life was always a challenge being the middle child amidst 3 girls. Mom worked from home as a seamstress and Dad was a chef, working endless hours to provide for the family, limiting his family time to one day a week. The benefits, which can only be appreciated as an adult (certainly not as a child, lol) was having to grow up quickly and being independent.

I was born in Hong Kong and raised by my Maternal Grandparents. Their traditional Asian values of being respectful to all (especially elders), humility, and independence still resonates with me today. At three and a half years of age, I reconnected with my Dad, Mom, and 2 sisters in London, England.

Life wasn't easy but it was comfortable, having all the basic necessities we needed.

My Mother's motto has always been “If you want something beyond essential, work hard to earn money needed to purchase it. It'll have more meaning and you'll appreciate and treasure it more than if it was simply given.”

The one thing my parents never scrimped on was food! My father always said that “food is fuel for our bodies and good for the soul. To eat well and scale back on non essential things. Even if you cannot afford fine cuisine, find a way to treat yourself occasionally”.  

With him working as a chef, we got to enjoy all kinds of good food! He taught us to always try an unfamiliar dish at least once, by judging a dish with your taste buds, not your eyes!!

I was brought up to appreciate the things we have, no matter how small or mundane, and not to take things for granted. This has kept me humble and grounded.

During my Spiritual Journey, I've learned the importance to be mindful of one's thoughts and attitude to life and to others. Like attracts like. Our outer environment is a reflection of our inner being. So if we want to attract more positivity into our daily lives we first have to start thinking, being, seeing, speaking, doing and acting in a more positive manner.

It is easier to see negativity in everything rather than seeing the good, but once we make the change and give ourselves permission to be more optimistic, life becomes simpler and a lot more fun!


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