An Herbal Reeds PublicationFree Shipping" If Basil root is held in the arm,there is no fear of thunders." " Growing Your Garden Pharmacy" is pure Richo"“the familiar mix of stories,...


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An Herbal Reeds Publication

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" If Basil root is held in the arm,
there is no fear of thunders."

" Growing Your Garden Pharmacy" is pure Richo"“the familiar mix of stories, recipes, humor, poetry, level-headed advice, science and mysticism. Gardeners looking to better understand direct-seeding, starting seedlings indoors and medicinal gardening in pots will find information and inspiration in this publication. The booklet also includes a discussion of planting without the use of greenhouse, manual watering, potting soil, plastic trays or transplant shock. How to make Astragalus soup. How to drug cats with Valerian. How to make an infused oil of Saint John"s Wort. Stories, descriptions, harvest, processing, storage and practical uses for the following herbs:

California Poppy
Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea
Evening Primrose
Garden Sage
German Chamomile
Temperate Tulsi
Leopard Flower
Pleurisy Root
Saint John"s Wort
Self Heal

32 pages, soft cover (pamphlet), illustrated by Nadja Cech


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