Chloe Groom
Owner of Rainbow Bliss Botanicals  


Salutations, my moniker is Chloe Bee. I hold frogs as a medicine animal guide for the love of encouraging humans to be a prismatic rainbow, to be adaptable, be there own medicine, and be grounded in harmony with Mother Earth. With positive influence from my passion to build a healthy body, mind, and spirit & and a human right to a stable climate, I intentionally act as a catalyst for social change.

I am the generator of a heart-centered community hub for the alliance of ethnobotany, artistic expression, cultural diversity, festival culture, psychedelic art, Earth-first thinking, and HERBALISM via transformative workshop facilitation presently thriving on community-expressed needs for the cultivation of plant wisdom, ecstatic dance, and meaningful ritual. Rainbow Bliss Botanicals and Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs are two of my current projects that strive to integrate consciousness, ceremony, botanical medicine, and sacred dance through honoring the divine intelligence between people and plants. I’ve been holding down an organic apothecary sandwiched between a nightclub and a corporate bank for 5 years so that I can serve the City of Tempe with herbalism “IN-YOUR-FACE!” This project to have a botanical presence on the busiest foot-trafficked location in the state of Arizona is a service to the community; a place where humans hug, where lovers meet, where dancers come to nourish, where addicts come for solutions, where local designers & creatresses come to sell, and where OUR CULTURE has a independently owned and operated place of MEDICINE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & ACCEPTANCE.

Fueled by cosmic ancestors, a BS in Sustainable Ecosystems and Soil Science, and undergraduate studies in Dance Media, Performance and Choreography at Arizona State University and University of Waikato, New Zealand, I believe that plants are teachers and my vision of expressive healing has evolved and is now being applied via Rainbow Bliss Botanicals. The plants I use in this company are all respectfully wild-crafted, homegrown, or certified organic. I love to host workshops that fuse botanical exploration and movement with plants-as-sacrament and movement-as-teacher. My mother, Donna, is the mind behind the chakra kits, and together we have been crafting misters, synergys, and salves with the guide of intuitive healing. The formulas and single-herb products available on this site are made with intention, blessings, and pure love.

I am a graduate of EastWest Planetary Herb School with Micheal and Leslie Tierra as mentors and teachers. In 2017, I completed a Professional Planetary Herbalist course with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western Herbalism. Independently, I have been studying Western & Ecclectic herbology since 2009, and began studies of mind-altering plants and nootropics in 2006. Woven in with a newfound passion for clinical herbalism and plant therapeutics, I aim to create an permaculture healing oasis for like-minded and ACTIVE individuals seeking alternatives to living in-the-grid while offering fellow brothers & sisters natural community-based healing services.

Herbal Consultation:

A series of health questions will be asked to help paint a clear picture of goals and patterns in regards to your personal constitution.

Time Frame: 75-90 minutes

Diagnostic Focus: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism

Cost: Sliding Scale of $120-175

Required: a current, clear photo of your tongue

Post-Consultation: Herbalist will create a protocol and formula for you

The herbalist can make formulas for you as long as you briefly describe your symptoms, goals, pain patterns, diet and so on. Please fill out the intake form below so the herbalist is aware of all of your health concerns.