Hex + Rue is Hawaii's first full apothecary and botanica. Our wares are handcrafted to the highest standard by local artisans and those the world over to assist you in your spiritual practice. We stock various crystals, spells, candles, and a selection of over 100 medicinal plants and herbs both online and in our new Chinatown storefront. Looking for something more rare or obscure? Let us know! We have connections around the globe and are happy to source specialty items on request. In addition to housing a plethora of magickal goods, the storefront hosts guest readers, psychics, and teachers to guide you on your spiritual journey.



Aloha mai kākou!

Hex + Rue was born out of my struggle to find many of the items central to my spiritual work and my passion for infusing native Hawaiian flora into spiritual products. In just a few short months, we now source from artisans worldwide to supply the local community with provisions for their practices.

Though I inherited cultural and generational healing abilities from both sides of my family, I didn't fully embrace it until my early 30's when I experienced a spiritual awakening during my fourth pregnancy with identical twin girls. I believe they were the catalyst that set me on this path. Hex + Rue is the fruit of this awakening, and whether novice or expert, we welcome you to cultivate your spiritual practice with us!


We source products globally from skilled artisans and spiritual practitioners as well as craft custom products at our workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii. All items are procured ethically from the best suppliers, farms, and craftspeople. Some ingredients are carefully harvested in the mountains and valleys across the state of Hawaii by Mana Wahine. Custom products are hand crafted or hand poured in small batches. All products are cleansed and charged under the Hawaii full moon before it makes its way to you. Mahalo ke akua!


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Location + Hours

925 Maunakea St. Suite C3

Honolulu, HI 96819



Parking in Marin Tower

918 Smith Street

$0.75 per half hour

Weekends $3.00 flat rate

Monday - Saturday

12:00pm - 6:00pm

Curbside pick up available for pre-paid orders.